And we’re off!

Wow. Africa has already kicked my butt and we haven’t even left yet. Between canceled flights, lost luggage, lack of food and electronics that needed to be replaced at the last minute, I’m honestly feeling pretty discouraged. We start pedaling tomorrow and it feels like a daunting task. My bike has more weight on it than anticipated but, as always, John is killing it and trying to take all of the heavier things on his bike.

It was so awesome to meet some of the Get Schooled students and surprise them at their schools. One of them took a taxi all the way to from Kampala tonight in a thunderstorm just to see us. I have to keep them in mind as the reason why we are doing this. I don’t mean to sound negative, but it’s about to get real. I almost cried tonight, but held it together-at least until tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’ll sleep.

I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to write every night, but I’ll try to just let everyone know how we’re doing and how the day was. I also want to include a quote of the day (QOD). Yesterday‘s was by John as he was being jostled around in the very back seat of a full and sweaty taxi bus when he said, “You keep asking me if I’m feeling OK but just assume – the answer will always be no.” Quote of the day for today was also by John who said, “Just don’t poop where people walk.” And in that note, our bikes are ready and it’s time for bed. Keep the prayers coming – I am seeing small mercies everywhere and it seems as though God is being gentle with the lessons.

I haven’t figured out how to post pictures with these plugs, but hopefully, I will soon. In the meantime, you could check some out on Facebook or Instagram.