Back to School…..FINALLY!!

After over a year off from school, due to COVID-19 (duh), the Kassanda Seed School kids are excited to head back to school! Getting an education has always been the #1 concern of our little students and their families and they have been coming to the grounds of the school almost every day just to see what’s going on and watch any progress that’s being made on the property. They really rely on their little village school for security, food, care and, of course, the best education we can offer.

During the pandemic, we have still been hard at work!  In the past year, we have been able to secure a van for the school, buy enough bricks to build a secure structure for an office and rooms in which the security man will stay, get a good start on our safety fence that will keep the children better protected and off the road and secure salaries for three of our ten teachers. None of this would happen without generous support of those of you who believe in our project and see the value in these little ones.

Our offices are going up fast!

Part of our strategy with Kassanda Seed School has been to encourage the parents to get involved, give as much as they can to cover school fees and make other arrangements if they cannot pay.

They had a meeting with the teachers and have agreed on set school fees. We will be making other arrangements with those who cannot afford school fees by accepting firewood, produce or other services in lieu of tuition. We want this to be sustainable!


John and I see our role as being a voice for the teachers. Our teachers and staff SHOW UP in every sense of the word, from 7am to 4pm and even on Saturdays, to care for, discipline and love these children. We want to honour them with a fair wage – they deserve it. Click on this DONATE TAB and it’ll take you where you need to go if you want to honour these people with us. It costs about $150 USD / $200 CAD per month to sponsor a teacher and $75 USD / $100 CAD per month to sponsor the security man or the cook. You can visit all their profiles on our Meet the Teachers page. I am happy to put you in touch with these staff as best I can so that you can foster a relationship with them and watch them grow as professionals. The more teachers we get support for, the more we can lower school fees for our students and their families. If you want to learn more about students, click here.


If you have read this far, THANK YOU! We value your time and prayers as our Get Schooled project continues!

Vincent with some of our most vulnerable students
Buying materials for the fence.
Jacob measuring for the fence.
Our School Van
“Back-to-School Night” in the heat of the day