Teacher of the Month – Ssemujju Nelson

There is no school when you have no teachers. When you think back on your own experience in school, isn’t it the teachers that come to mind as being most impactful? The teachers are the ones who tirelessly show up, pour into, mold, shape and water the seeds.

Our Get Schooled story continues as we work to support the new Kassanda Seed School. We are going to highlight a Teacher of the Month to give you a glimpse into the lives of our teachers and what it’s like to teach in Uganda. We hope you enjoy their stories and photos and consider joining us by financially supporting the hard work they do every day with the kids in the village as a huge act of service. Teachers in the smaller villages, like Kassanda, typically make $4 a day. To give you some context, it costs about $3.50 for a meal out, $20/month for rent (with no power), and transport to the school can cost anywhere between $1-2 per trip. As you can see, their daily wage does not go very far, especially if they have families to take care of. These teachers SHOW UP in every sense of the word, from 7am to 4pm and even on Saturdays, to care for, discipline and love these children. I want to honour them with a fair wage – they deserve it. Click on this DONATE TAB and it’ll take you where you need to go if you want to honour these people with us.

Have you ever met someone who is happy to do things in the background and never take any credit or glory for him or herself?

My friend, Nelson, is one of the most humble people I have met and Uganda and that is saying something in a country full of humble people. I have known Nelson for about four years and he is the same man today as he was then…always putting others before himself, letting others take credit and quietly leading in the background. I think the picture of a true leader is one who makes others look good, almost as if the ones following are the ones leading, while all the while, humbly taking a backseat and steering the course with gentle strength.

Ssemujju Nelson is married to a lovely woman named Nakalema Margaret, and has one child biological child and takes care of four orphans as well. His highest level of education is a diploma and a Grade III Level teaching certificate. He has taught for twelve years since 2008. The classes he likes to teach the most are P.3 and P.4 and his subject of choice is ‘Christian Religious Education’ (CRE) Geography, History and local languages. He is a natural teacher and loves to share with kids. He left his previous school to be here for the new beginnings of Kassanda Seed School and he is so proud to be part of it.

Watch Nelson in action here.

Nelson greeting the kids in the morning and getting them organized for the day
Nelson’s wife and kids
Nelson, Jacob and Vincent the day we set off on our bike trip.