Teacher of the Month – Ssemujju Nelson

There is no school when you have no teachers. When you think back on your own experience in school, isn’t it the teachers that come to mind as being most impactful? The… Read More

Time to say good-bye

I slept pretty well on my last night under my mosquito net (pronounced mo-skwee-toe here). The woman who has been giving me excellent service, a young mom named Harriet, wanted to take… Read More

Tuesday in Uganda

Vincent had to travel to Kampala today to meet unexpectedly with a team about getting children heart surgery, so my friend, Nelson, was in charge today. I am not sure if you… Read More

Back to School

Monday’s blog – Back to School There is a teacher / head master in Kampala who is a dear friend of Ssenyonga Vincent named Kinyinji Cossy, but I call him ‘funny man.’… Read More

Family Time

I slept pretty well with my pepper spray under my pillow and the fan I requested blowing directly on me all night. Although my room is small, it’s good enough for me… Read More


Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 After spending the last morning together with the Shareword Global team, I was anxiously awaiting Vincent to come and ‘pick me’ (Ugandan English for pick me up). He… Read More

Something that lasts….

So, from the very beginning of this project, the question of mine (and others) that has always been in the back of my mind and sometimes waking me up at night is,… Read More

Final Thoughts

Well, we made it to the airport. We are no longer the center of attention, our bikes and bags are checked all the way to Vancouver, we said sad goodbyes to our… Read More

Happy Birthday To Me

Oh.my.goodness. Ugandans know how to throw a party. Our friends stayed up until 4 am to set up the tents and chairs in a garden venue we had rented and it looked… Read More

Mazungu, Byee!!

These last two days have been busy! On Saturday morning, I spent time washing my bike, doing laundry and trying to organize the chaos that erupted in our room once we got… Read More