About Us

I don’t consider myself a cyclist, but I love the freedom that my bike offers me. It is the perfect mode of transportation as it allows me to go far but enjoy the details. After doing this trip, my Surly became a familiar and old friend and we have spent a lot of time together since our trip in 2019.

I’m also very stubborn…just stubborn enough to do what I say I will do, even if it hurts. That is how I got around Uganda on a bicycle. I am a teacher who loves the outdoors. I love to camp and don’t mind getting dirty. I also love East Africa. I enjoy doing adventurous things with my husband. And part of my life’s purpose is to help the vulnerable in ways that are meaningful. My motivation for every day of this trip was the sweet children of Kassanda Children’s Aid, some of whom I’ve met in person, who have very little hope in general, and none at all if they can’t go to school. I wanted to do something about that. ~ Stacy

I am a cyclist…I love it. The bike gives me a sense of freedom that I do not feel in other activities. I love being independent and testing myself against the terrain. As I roll through the mountains and force myself through the wind, cycling teaches me perseverance and determination.

The bike is critical to the people in East Africa and was the perfect way to connect along the route in Uganda as Stacy’s pack mule. Pulling more than gear, I also enjoyed pulling vulnerable students into an opportunity to attend school.  ~ John