Meet the Teachers and Staff of Kassanda Seed School

We have amazing teachers. It costs $170 USD or $250 CAD to support a teacher for the month which includes wages and rent. Can you donate to help them?

Kabahweza Margie: Teacher

Margie is married with two kids. She was a student at Namutamba Teachers College and has been teaching for two years. She teaches from Nursery to Primary 2. Her favorite subjects are… Read More

Kagaba Julius: Teacher

Julius is a 25-year-old teacher with one child. He loves teamwork when it comes to meal preparations because “it becomes so fun.” He also loves touring new geographical places to enjoy adventures… Read More

Kamagaju Violet: Teacher

Violet is a married, 34-year-old teacher with three kids of her own. She loves preaching the gospel and praying, watching athletics and dancing competitions, and watching television. She has a high Level… Read More

Malitazali Twafuna Omukisa: Security

Twafuna Omukisa is a married man with four children. When we held the first meeting for KSS he came straight to the leadership and asked if we could give him a job… Read More

Moreen Namanda: Teacher

Moreen has an Advanced Level of Education, five years of teaching experience and she teaches from Nursery to P5 . She teaches Math and Health/Phys Ed. She decided to go into teaching… Read More

Nabatta Sharon: Teacher

Sharon completed Ordinary Level education, but she has a desire to continue to advance to become a professional teacher in Uganda. She has been teaching for four years and currently teaches Primary… Read More

Nabirye Catherine: Matron

Nabirye Catherine is a 28-year-old single mother with five children. She has an education in Primary Living and is in her forst role as a Matron for our girls’ dormitory. She is… Read More

Nabuuma Sharon: Teacher (SPONSORED)

Sharon is married and a mother of five children. She was a student teacher at St Andrew ECA Teachers College in Mukono. She has been teaching for four years. At KSS, she… Read More

Nakalunda Agnes: Teacher

Agnes has an advanced Certificate of Education and has teaching eight years. She teaches P.1, 2 and 3 and her favourite subjects are Religious Education and English. She loves other activities like… Read More

Nyambubi Sylvia: Teacher (SPONSORED)

Sylvia is single. She has a certificate as Grade III Level teacher, and has been teaching for two years. She teaches P.2 and P.3 and her favorite subjects are Mathematics and English…. Read More

Ssemujju Nelson: Teacher (SPONSORED)

Nelson is married to a lovely woman with whom he had one biological child. He takes care of at least four other children who are considered orphans or are displaced. His highest… Read More

Ssenyonga Vincent: Director of Operations

Vincent is the lead Pastor of Passion for Christ Community Assembly in Kassanda, and founder of Kassanda Children’s Aid, He had a dream of starting a school but I had no means… Read More

Sunday Ronald: Teacher

Sunday Ronald is 30 years old, married and has one daughter. He is a Grade III Level teacher, and has been teaching for six years. He teaches P.3, P.4 and P.5 his… Read More

Tulisigula Rogers: Teacher

Tulisingura Rodgers is 22 years old and single. He has the Uganda Advanced Certificate of High Education (UACE) level and has been teaching for one year. He teaches P.3, P.4 and P.5…. Read More