Sponsor: Hyke & Byke

When we were looking for a new lightweight tent for our trip (because ours has holes in it big enough for mosquitoes to get through and is a little heavy), this company showed up in Amazon and I checked them out as their prices were noticeably lower than other outdoor companies and their reviews were great! I contacted the founder, Daniel, and told him about our trip and shamelessly asked for a free tent to put it to the test with anything that Africa could throw at it (they come with a lifetime warranty, so let’s see how good they really are!). They then offered us a significant discount on the tent we had our eye on and another partnership was formed!

Hyke & Byke is a USA based outdoor gear brand that provides premium products at honest prices while working to Eliminate Poverty through Micro Loans by partnering with Kiva. Pretty awesome – check them out!