Sponsor: NRG Enterprises

I first met Sean Cameron, NRG’s Marketing guru, in the dead of winter when he bought John’s used trainer through a Facebook post. We got to talking about bikes and I gushed about Wednesday and how much John and I love our Surly bikes.  I told him of our trip plans and my hopes to get Surly’s attention for potential sponsorship. He got a big smile on his face and happily told me that he IS the Surly rep in Canada and that if I applied for sponsorship, the application would land right on his desk.  He and his team at NRG are a group of talented mountain bikers and business savvy locals who love what they do. They were gracious enough to hook us up with the pieces of gear, bags and racks we still needed to complete our kits and even threw in a free set of 29″ rims for Wednesday so that John and I could ride the same size tires in Uganda. Thanks, NRG, for being so generous, supportive and knowledgable!

From their website:  NRG is a company of bike fanatics dedicated to providing innovative and quality products, with the best possible customer service, to the Canadian cycling industry – since 1989.  As addicted to the mountains as they are to getting the job done right. NRG is located in an old brewery building in Nelson BC and their staff enjoys the outdoor lifestyle easily accessed from the wonderful mountain town.